Devin consists of two primary components: the Devin App and Devin Server.

  • Devin App: This is a file (.fmp12) that developers open on their workstation to access Devin's functionalities. It serves as the front-end through which you interact with Devin's ecosystem.

  • Devin Server: Running on your servers, it comprises the Devin Engine and various Devin APIs. This backend executes the operations initiated from the Devin App. There are two key server roles:

    • Development Server: Hosts all development files and includes the Devin Engine (devin-engine.fmp12), the central hub for communication with non-dev servers.

    • Staging/Production Server: These servers hosts your .fmp12 files in various non-dev environments, such as staging, Q/A, or production.

Devin is structured to support a singular Development Server that can connect to multiple Staging/Production Servers.

Additionally, the Development Server interfaces with the Devin Gateway for licensing and analytics purposes, necessitating a network setup that allows connectivity to the Devin Gateway.

Currently, the Devin App is available for macOS and Devin Server for Ubuntu Linux.

OSDevin AppDevin Server


βœ… Available

❌Not available - In progress

Windows Server

❌Not Available

❌Not available - In Progress

Ubuntu Linux

❌Not Available


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