Why Devin When You Have Otto?

Beyond Deployments: Addressing a broader spectrum of development challenges

The Devin Advantage

While Otto and 360Deploy effectively automate the deployment process, they address only a fraction of the DevOps landscape. Devin addresses a broader spectrum of DevOps practices within FileMaker, handling not just deployment but the entire lifecycle of a FileMaker application, incorporating version control and regression testing. This integration enables seamless, automated workflows from the initial development phase through to deployment and data migrations, offering more holistic and integrated DevOps workflows necessary to adopt modern software development practices while leveraging the unique strengths of the FileMaker platform.

A Unified DevOps Vision

With Devin, the goal is clear: to provide FileMaker developers with a tool that not only excels in continuous deployment but also envelops the entire DevOps cycle in a way that is both accessible and efficient. It's about moving beyond the limitations of existing tools to offer a unified solution that brings advanced DevOps practices into the FileMaker development space, ensuring teams can focus on innovation and delivering quality software efficiently.

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