Connect to Development Server

You must have installed Devin on your development server by this step.

Enter the URL of your Development Server to connect to the Devin Engine (devin-engine.fmp12). This file should be open by default; if it's closed, open it manually from FM Admin Console.

If the connection fails

If the connection to the Devin Engine isn’t verified, such as when connecting to an IP without a valid SSL certificate, or if your computer has not connected to this server before, FileMaker Pro will block access, causing an 802 error. This prevents the Devin App to connect to the Devin Engine.

To resolve this:

  1. From FileMaker Pro, go to File β†’ Hosts and connect to your Development Server.

  1. When prompted about allowing an unencrypted connection, select "Always permit connection to this host". This setting prevents the need to grant permission each time FileMaker Pro restarts.

The connection between Devin servers is encrypted in the same manner as the connection between an end-user using FileMaker Pro (or WebDirect) and an fmp12 file hosted on FileMaker Server. Devin uses the existing SSL certificate and reverse proxy setup from FileMaker Server to secure this connection.

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