System Requirements

Minimum OS and Hardware Requirements for Devin App and Devin Server

Devin App

Operating System: macOS 11 (Big Sur)

Claris FileMaker: FileMaker Pro 19.3.1 or higher

Devin Server

If you want Devin on a server from a cloud provider where you do not have root access, see Devin through a Hosting Provider.

Operating System Linux macOS

Claris FileMaker FileMaker Server 19.5.1 or higher

Hardware CPU cores: 2 CPU architectures: x64 or arm64 Memory: 8GB

Networking Continuous internet connectivity

FileMaker Server

Development servers require FileMaker Server 19.5.1 or newer. Production servers can support versions as far back as FileMaker Server 18, as long as advanced deployment features are not required.

Hardware and Concurrency

Development servers typically have lower hardware requirements compared to staging or production servers. The hardware capacity of a non-development server determines its level of concurrency, influencing the number of Devin deployments and data migration tasks that can run simultaneously. It's recommended to allocate at least 4GB of RAM per concurrent operation. These settings are configurable under App -> Settings -> Servers.

Configuring a server for more concurrency than its hardware can handle can lead to server and FileMaker Server crashes. Therefore, it's important to carefully consider the hardware capacity and configure concurrency accordingly to avoid system instability and potential downtime.

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