Uninstall Devin

The following steps will guide you through uninstalling Devin App and Devin Server.


To uninstall Devin App from your workstation, open a terminal window and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the uninstaller by running:

cd /Library/Devin/{version}
  1. Then type the following:

sudo sh uninstall.sh
  1. When prompted, enter your password and type Y to proceed the uninstallation.

This will uninstall everything except a custom font. To remove that, open up the application Font Book, select User and remove the font Devin_Glyphs.ttf.


To uninstall Devin from your server, ensure you have root access to the terminal on the server and folio these steps:

  1. Download the uninstaller script with:

wget https://download.devin.fm/downloads/remove_devin.sh
  1. Make the script executable with:

chmod +x remove_devin.sh
  1. Run the uninstaller as a superuser with:

sudo ./remove_devin.sh
  1. Complete the uninstallation by following the instructions in the removal script.

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