Save a Version


To save a version of a branched development file:

  1. Go to Branches -> Versions

  2. Select the desired file from the list

  3. Click + Version.

  4. Enter a version description (equivilant to a git commit message)

  5. Optionally, specify a version number.

Versions are backups of the development file. They can be either cloned backups of full backups and the default choice can be specified in Project Settings. For large file sizes (> 100MB), we recommend using Clone as default. Choosing Full Backup might result in bad performance on your development server.

Video Tutorial

Version Numbers

Devin supports a wide variety of versioning conventions, but we recommend using a standard convention like Semantic Versioning or similar that uses a format that looks like MAJOR.MINOR or MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

For more advanced use cases, like when you're dealing with pre-release versions, Devin also supports version numbers that include letters, such as 2.10.3-alpha and 2.10.3-beta8.

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