Release a Version

When you want to push changes from a branched development file to a Deployment in another Environment, such as a STAGING or PRODUCTION version of the file (see Deployment Environments), release a Version with the changes to Deployments associated Release Branch. This will replace the file on the release branch with the selected version being released.

To release a Version:

  1. Go to Modules -> Development or Branches -> Versions

  2. Select a Module from the Module list or a branched development file from the Branch list

  3. Select a Version from the list

  4. In the sidebar's Version Actions section, click Select branch... and choose the branch you want to release to (which file you want to replace)

  5. Click Release

Video Tutorial

After a Version has been released to a branch, the Default Deployment Pipeline will be available for Deployments that has this branch as Release Branch (see Update a Deployment).

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