Upgrading from Beta

If your server has Devin Server Beta 6 installed, you can easily upgrade to the newest version, regardles of the server type.

If your server is running Devin Server Beta 5 or earlier, an upgrade is currently not possible due to compatibility issues. Beta 5 and previous versions are designed exclusively for Windows Server, whereas the latest Devin server release does not support Windows Server. For assistance, please reach out to emil@devin.fm.

Prerequisites for upgrading

Before you upgrade, ensure that you have:

  • Command-line access to the server through an interactive terminal like SSH. This needs to be as the devin server user.

  • Internet access on the server you want to upgrade.

  • The fmsadmin username and password for the server you want to upgrade.

Upgrade Devin Server

Follow these steps to upgrade Devin Server Beta 6 to the newest version.

1. Confirm User Identity

From the command line on your target server, verify that you are running as the devin user. You can see this by running the command:


If you are not the devin user, but have sudo access, you can switch user by running the command:

sudo su devin

2. Navigate to Temporary Directory

Change to the /tmp directory using by running the command:

cd /tmp

3. Download Devin Updater

Fetch the latest Devin updater script by running the command:

curl https://download.devin.fm/downloads/update_devin.sh -o /tmp/update_devin.sh

4. Make Updater Script Executable

Assign execution rights t the updater script by running the command:

chmod +x /tmp/update_devin.sh

5. Run Updater

Start the update process by running the command:

/tmp/update_devin.sh {your fmsadmin username} {your fmsadmin password}

Ensure to replace placeholders with your actual credentials.

If you encounter any issues upgrading, please contact emil@devin.fm.

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