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Devin consists of two primary components.

Devin App

This is a fmp12 file that gets installed locally on your workstation. Developers access Devin's features through this app.

Devin Server

Running on your servers, it comprises the Devin Engine and various Devin APIs. This backend executes the operations initiated from the Devin App. There are two key server roles:

  • Development Server: Hosts all development files and includes the Devin Engine (devin-engine.fmp12) which is automatically installed for Development server types.

  • Non-Development Server: These servers hosts your fmp12 files in various non-dev environments, such as staging, Q/A, or production.

The Devin App does not store any project data. Developers can easily collaborate on projects because each Devin App connects to the shared devin-engine.fmp12 database, located on your development server.

Currently, only a single development server is supported per team


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