6️⃣Updating from Beta-6

If you are running Devin Beta-6 it is possible to update to the newest version of the server, both on Dev and Prod.

Here is what you will need:

  • Command line access on your Dev and Prod machines, either through ssh or some other interactive terminal. This needs to be as the devin user.

  • Internet access on the Dev and Prod machines that you wish to upgrade

  • Your fmsadminusername and password for the Dev and Prod servers you wish to upgrade.

Here is how to upgrade Devin server to the newest version, both for Dev and Prod

  1. In a commandline environment on your target server, make sure that you are running as the devinuser, you can see this by typing the command whoamiand pressing enter.

    1. If you are not the devinuser, you can switch to this user by typing sudo su devin as long as you are a user with sudo access.

  2. Navigate to the /tmp directory by typing cd /tmp

  3. Download the Devin updater by typing curl https://download.devin.fm/downloads/update_devin.sh -o /tmp/update_devin.sh

  4. Set the updater as executable by typing chmod +x /tmp/update_devin.sh

  5. Run the updater by typing /tmp/update_devin.sh {your fmsadmin username} {your fmsadmin password}

  6. The updater has now started and should do all the updating work, this includes migrating your project settings and the likes.

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